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The following titles are newly available, or will be in the coming months:

  • Old West Empresario - use dice to civilize the old west!
  • Dilluvia Project - place workers to build a floating city!
  • Rolled West - A shrunk-down version of Gold West!
  • Chrono Corsairs - Pirates shipwrecked on an island stuck in a time loop!
  • Solar Draft - Draft planets, moons, and comets to build your solar system!
  • Dawn of Mankind - Choose the right paths to guide your tribe through life!
  • Wards of London - The first expansion for Guilds of London! Adds an extra player!

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Setting up to try out Tapestry in the office!

-Andy after hours
TastyMinstrel photo

Andy after hours here!

I'm turning 40 this week - what should my midlife crisis be? (The more ridiculous the better).

Emperor's Choice (Deluxified with clacky tiles + metal coins, and by "Yokohama" designer Hisashi Hayashi) will be on Kickstarter soon - clicky the link to be notified when it goes live!:
TastyMinstrel photo

Want an early copy of Dawn of Mankind? Pick one up here!:

-Andy after hours
TastyMinstrel photo

Con season is in full swing!

As most of the team prepares for a trip to Essen, Germany (visit booth 4-F106 & A-F107, sharing space with Game Brewer), our own @sedjtroll is special guest at TokenCon in Oklahoma City - and he's got a preview copy of an upcoming expansion with him!

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