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We expect to have the following new titles at GenCon, booth 1335!:

  • Old West Empresario - use dice to civilize the old west!
  • Dilluvia Project - place workers to build a floating city!

Harbour: High Tide - the first expansion to our best-selling game "Harbour" is now available! New buildings a new card type make this an easy pick-up for fans of the game.

Downfall - A post-apocalyptic 4X game from designer John Clair, there is a lot of game packed into this box! (No, seriously, it's a very heavy box!) Build up your resources and establish control, while fighting the inevitable advance of radiation.

cover progress


Emperor's Choice - From "Yokohama" designer Hisashi Hiyashi, this Deluxified edition will include an exorbitant amount of awesome bakelite tiles! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter (at the top of this page) to be alerted when it launches.

ESSEN 2019

Dawn of Mankind - Your prehistoric clan needs a little guidance. Hunt, gather, figure out new techniques for doing things and make a little art along the way! From designer Marco Pranzo, and with illustrations by Kwanchai Moriya!

Solar Draft - draft cards to plan your personal solar system!


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