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The following titles are newly available, or will be in the coming months:

  • Old West Empresario - use dice to civilize the old west!
  • Dilluvia Project - place workers to build a floating city!
  • Rolled West - A shrunk-down version of Gold West!
  • Chrono Corsairs - Pirates shipwrecked on an island stuck in a time loop!
  • Solar Draft - Draft planets, moons, and comets to build your solar system!
  • Dawn of Mankind - Choose the right paths to guide your tribe through life!
  • Wards of London - The first expansion for Guilds of London! Adds an extra player!

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Gen Con speed walk through the main hall #gencon19 #gencon2019. First 2 people to spot Scott Morris @critshappen and specify the exact second will win a copy of Old West Empressario.

We're back from GenCon! Getting caught up on stuff.

What's your favorite game played at the convention (or last weekend, if you weren't there)?

GenCon is live and our demo tables are full. Come see us in booth 1335! TastyMinstrel photo

Andy after hours here!

If you're at GenCon, check us out at booth 1335. We'll be running demos of Dilluvia Project, Old West Empresario, Crusaders, and maybe other stuff! We also have some Dawn of Mankind demos (as events)! And tons of games for sale! And TMG pins! And dice!

Andy after hours here! Ready for GenCon?

We'll have Dilluvia Project there! We made some small tweaks, maybe most notably to the wood. Resources are hex-cylinders now, so they can't be confused with ownership cubes. Special workers are thicker, instead of just a different shade.
TastyMinstrel photo

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