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Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG) is the culmination of a life long dream of founder and CEO Michael Mindes. When he was young, he loved everything that had to do with gaming. As he got older, that passion only increased. After attending college, he had every intention of becoming a board game publisher, but, as he has said, life happens, and his publishing pursuits were put on hold while he worked as a financial advisor with his father. He enjoyed his work, and was quite successful at it, but the dreams of making and publishing boardgames were still part of his long term goals.

In 2009, Michael and good friend Seth Jaffee has two games they were ready to publish - Terra Prime (a design from Seth himself) and Homesteaders. Both of these games were well received by the community, and TMG was on its way.

In the following years, TMG published such hits as Belfort, Dungeon Roll, and Seth Jaffee’s Eminent Domain. While at Spiel one year held in Essen, Michael played Orléans and knew that he had to publish it for the U.S. market. It was that game that was the first to be given the Deluxified treatment by TMG, something that has continued with other titles.

Some of the games that TMG has published are older games that were in need of reprints, and discovering games in smaller markets that may not otherwise have seen a wider release. They were also one of the very first companies to use crowdfunding as a way to successfully publish their releases, helping starting a trend that is now commonplace within the industry today.

Today, TMG has several full time employees, and while the home office is based in Utah, several of those employees work remotely from other locations. However, they all share the same goal - publishing awesome games that promote and facilitate enjoyment between family and friends.



Existing beyond the realms of time and space as we know it, Dargon the dragon spends his time constantly searching for amazing games, and for people to play those games with him. He is the driving force behind every decision that is made by TMG - because he is the Gamer’s Champion.
What does it mean to be the Gamer’s Champion? It means making games that gamers want to play. It means to be always striving to do what is right for the gaming community. It means that the reward for a job well done is not fame or fortune, but to see the smiles created on people’s faces when they play the games that he has found.
We here at TMG are the Minstrels of Dargon, and we are honored to embody the spirit of the Gamer’s Champion.



Michael Mindes

Founder & CEO

Michael has loved games his whole life, like a crazy person would. Thankfully, in 2009 his wife told him to do something about it…

Daniel Photo

Daniel Hadlock


Loving games almost as much as the people who play them, Daniel provides direction and assistance to the entire TMG team, while doing anything else needed on a daily basis.


Seth Jaffee

Head of Development

Seth has been a behind the scenes supporter of TMG from the beginning, discovering games, developing them to be the best that they can be, and helping to usher them through the production process.


Aaron Walth

Director of Logistics and Manufacturing

Aaron makes sure that the games are being made to the highest standard. He coordinates shipments from China to the States and also to Kickstarter backers.


Andy Van Zandt


Andy is a board and video game aficionado, sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast, and all-around super-nerdy guy. He is also the designer of Grave Business, Balloon Pop, and Bottlecap Vikings.


Kristi Weyland

Social Liaison

Kristi is an avid gamer and photographer, but you may know her as the voice behind TMG’s Instagram. She is also a liaison to retailers, helping support those who sell TMG games.

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