Coming Soon! Chimera Station Game

5317ee68-126f-4f0d-896c-02f729d79164Last but certainly not least, TMG will be bringing Chimera Station to Kickstarter on September 6. Designed by Mark Major (Jupiter Rescue), this worker placement game has each player contributing to building the best possible space station.

You are able to switch out body pieces on your individual workers as you see fit, making them excel at certain aspects of their job so they can perform their duties at the high levels you demand. The game will include workers with interchangeable parts such as brains and claws that will change as the game continues, as the need for certain types of abilities will wax and wane with time.

Chimera Station is another one of those games at TMG where we have been excited for a long time and it has taken too long for us to get it released. We were scared of making the workers for too long and have had many projects jump in line.


Upcoming Games

I am happy now to begin with some good news about some of the titles that are of the “upcoming” variety. This list is not exhaustive by any means, but these are the games that are the closest to being available for purchase by our customers.
OrlĂ©ans: Invasion – Has safely made its way across the ocean and is awaiting pick up after customs processing.
Ponzi Scheme – Is wrapping up production and will soon be loaded onto the proverbial “slow boat from China”.
Ars Alchimia – Has entered its production run at the factory.
Colosseum – Test copy is awaiting final approval and then go ahead will be given to production run.
Samples of all of these games have recently been featured on Periscope’s live video (TastyMinstrel) in our show “Mystery Package from China.”



GenCon Recap…

Gen Con was once again an amazing experience, and for those of you that were there and stopped by the booth, thank you very much for checking us out! We had a fantastic time demo-ing our games and were very excited to see familiar faces and meet new friends.

Our two big games we had to show off were Thief’s Market and Guilds of London. Our demo tables heard the clattering of dice on a constant basis, along with the cheers and laughter from the people playing the games.

If you were unable to be in attendance at the convention, you may be happy to know that you can now pick up Guilds of London at your favorite retailers and Thief’s Market is on its way to retailers.

As I wrap this up, I just wanted to once again thank everyone for their friendliness and excitement they exhibited at Gen Con. It really makes all of our hard work worth it when we see the happiness on people’s faces as they spend time with us at our booth, and it gives us the drive and energy to keep making awesome games available for our customers.

Until next time, make sure to keep gaming, and be awesome!


P.S. If you aren’t interacting with us on Instagram or Twitter, those are great places (links below)

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