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Milk cows to make cheese and ice cream before the milk spoils in this push-your-luck game.

 2 - 4 Players

30 Minutes

Ages 14+

DESIGNER: Chih-Fan Chen

ARTIST: Katie Welch


MSRP: $19.95

Players take turns to roll all dice, and must lock one set of dice that have a sum of exactly 10. They may repeat this process until they want to pass. They may then trade their dice of 10s for milk tile(s) of equal value. If they fail to roll a sum of 10, their turn ends immediately and they will get a snow token as a compensation, which mat be used to flip the milk tiles later in the game to earn extra points or gain special abilities. When the stack of milk tiles is depleted, the player with the most points on their milk tiles wins the game.


• 3 Barn Tiles
• 22 Milk Tiles
• 9 Dairy Dice
• 4 Backorder Dice
• 5 Backorder Tokens
• 20 Freeze Tokens


ISBN: 978-1-938146-02-2

DIMENSIONS: 152 x 102 x 33mm

WEIGHT: 0.44kg / 0.2lbs


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