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Your world is dying. Gather resources and enlist ships in a race to find a new home.

 2 - 5 Players

90 - 120 Minutes

Ages 14+

DESIGNER: Gabriel J. Cohn

DESIGN: Jason Greeno & Adam P. Mciver

ARTWORK: Donald Crank


MSRP: $59.95

What's left of civilization on this planet is being cut into portions by those most prone to cutting. Those of us who want something better...we'll find it somewhere else.

Exodus Fleet features resource management and tableau building mechanisms along with a highly interactive system of role selection and bidding in which players compete to hire miners, spaceship builders, and other groups to piece together their own fleet to escape a dying Earth. Just building ships and filling them with refugees will score you points, but making sure your ships work together may give you the advantage you need.

Players must decide whether to prioritize building ships within one faction (to score bonus points) or whether it might be better to build ships with synergy for powering their actions. Is it better to spend your resources on more ships or rescuing more survivors off of Earth? Should you gamble on explorers or just take a turn to gather more resources? And exactly how much money does my opponent still have? Can they outbid me for the action I really need to perform? A variety of strategic and tactical dilemmas await...


• 76 Ship Cards
• 52 Explorer Cards
• 25 Planet Cards
• 250+ Wooden Tokens
• Player Faction Boards
• Central Game Board
• Money Cards


ISBN: 978-1-938146-55-8

DIMENSIONS: 222 x 298 x 65mm

WEIGHT: 1.2kg / 2.65lbs


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