It’s time for some Tasty News!

I need to jump on a plane and head to Origins in just a little bit, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some news for all of you before I go. As you probably know, TMG is bringing the amazing game YOKOHAMA from the amazing designer Hisashi Hayashi (Trains, Trick of the Rails, String Railway) to Kickstarter on June 21. What you may NOT know is that if you will be going to Origins you can try out the game at the TMG booth or track down your truly who will be wandering the halls for an impromptu game wherever we can find space. Just think, when everyone gets their copy of the game months from now, you can say, “Oh that? I played YOKOHAMA before it was cool…”


Let’s talk about talking on podcasts!

If you were paying attention to the TMG head honcho Michael Mindes last week, you may heard him tweet out that he would be Periscope-ing the first ever recording of the all new TMG Podcast (coming very, very soon) hosted by yours truly. While this is in its infancy at this point, and we are still working on refining the product, we are very excited to be using this option to bridge the gap between TMG and our customers. In this first episode, we discussed some upcoming releases from TMG, the Origins Convention, and of course, YOKOHAMA!

Click here to check out the Periscope video:

Guilds of London shortage/sold out?

Guilds of London from designer Anthony Boydell (Snowdonia) has proven to be a critical hit as well as getting a lot of praise from the boardgaming community. The buzz behind the game showed with the sell out at UK Games Expo and the ensuing interest in where and when people could get their own copies. This then led to a concern that the game had been sold out. While this is technically not true, it is very likely (and perhaps almost certain) that the first print run of the game will not last a long time on the shelves. Let me try and explain…

The first print run, as of right now, has been oversold, meaning that demand for the game through retailers is outpacing the the actual number of games that are available. What this means to people who want a copy is simply – pre-order your game through your favorite business as soon as possible to ensure the best possibility of having a copy. Also, if you are going to be lucky enough to be in attendance at Origins this week, TMG will have a limited number of copies for sale, though we don’t expect them to last very long.

And if all else fails, a second print run has already been ordered, so even if you miss out, more copies are on the way.


Signing off…

OK well I am out of here – I have bags to pack and rules to read. In a very short time I will be in Ohio and attending Origins for the first time ever. If you are going to be in attendance, please stop by the TMG booth to check out YOKOHAMA and Guilds of London, say “Hello!”, and of course, to have an awesome time.

Talk to you soon!


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