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Salute my draconian overlord!

My wife pointed something out to me a few days ago – I am coming up on my 6 month anniversary of leaving the world of banking and becoming a full time employee of a game company. Now that doesn’t seem like a long time, but when I realize that I spent the preceding two decades, toiling away at a cube, crunching numbers and reading employee stat boards, and that I never once felt the level of job satisfaction in those years that I have felt in the last 180 or so days, I don’t know if I should be happy, or sad.

What I do know, is that I owe my boss a huge debt of gratitude for making this change happen in my life.


No – not that guy.



That is Dargon. You can see he has currently eaten a tasty minstrel. (That’s where our company name comes from)

You see, the smiling dude up above may sign my checks (something that I am extremely thankful for, don’t get me wrong) but it is the green scaly reptile, or more accurately, the idea that the green scaly reptile represents that I report to. And that idea is quite simple – Dargon is the Gamer’s Champion.


I have been involved in gaming pretty much my entire life – from the moment I sat down and played boardgames with my family, the day my older brother introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons, or the moment I said to myself “Arkham Horror, that seems like a neat game”, to the fateful decision almost ten years ago when I made my very first game review. All of those moments, those experiences, and those memories have created in me the spirit of a gamer, and from what I know about the people I work with, they have that spirit too.

Yes, TMG is in business to make money, to say anything else would be spurious, but our goal is to do it while treating each and every one of our customers as we (as gamers) would want to be treated. That means…

…making games with awesome deluxified components (Like the upcoming YOKOHAMA).
…re-publishing games that were inexplicably out of print that people wanted readily available (Like Luna)
…finding great games that would not see the light of day without our involvement (Like Gold West)

And I could go on. But here is the bottom line, and I mean this 1000% more than any of the corporate clap-trap I regurgitated for nearly 20 years…

TMG will continue to publish amazing games, for each of our amazing customers, to ensure that when they sit down and crack open a box that has our smiling draconian overlord on it, they know that we are championing their right to have the most awesome fun time that is possible, each and every time they play one of our releases.

I cannot put in words how awesome it is to be able to work at a job where my entire goal is to make people happy – so I will just say this – thank you for your continued support and patronage. I appreciate you more than you con possible ever know.

Until next time – happy gaming!


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