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In Scoville, 2 to 6 players want to harvest and sell the hottest peppers, but also make the most delicious chili!

Each round, players will do a blind auction to choose their place in turn order- however, while planting peppers and using them is done in turn order, harvesting peppers is done in reverse order- so choose wisely where you want to be! Gain points for being the first to plant valuable peppers, but place them carefully so that the other players don't get a big harvest out of your hard work. You'll also be rewarded for putting together the hottest combinations in the chili cook-off. Following the "afternoon delivery", the game will ratchet up even more!

This game features awesome custom peppers-shaped pieces in 10 colors, including the sparkly transparent Phantom Peppers; and spaces are die-cut in the fields for you to actually "plant" the peppers in the ground! Up to six fresh farmers can play this hot game!

You don't even have to read the rules, let Watch It Played Logo teach you!