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Want to find a retailer that carries TMG stuff?

Click here and look for your city or state!

You can also sort that list using the small down arrow that appears when you mouse over any column letter.

For example, if you wanted to sort alphabetically by state:


TMG loves Retailers!

Please join our retailer-only facebook group here:

Retailer Facebook Page

There we will clue you into upcoming products and deals, and also ask for your input on various subjects to try and make sure we're putting out products that are easy for you to sell! That is also where you can find the link for adding your store to the retailer store-finder list on this page.

Our full line of 50+ in-print titles is available from Alliance, ACD, GTS, PHD, and Universal, as well as a variety of non-US distributors. We also have an ever-expanding quality dice line priced to compete with everyone in the field. If you have trouble finding any of our products, please shoot us an email or ask about it on our Retailer Facebook Page. If you're not very familiar with our lines, HERE is the primer flyer we handed out at GAMA 2019.


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