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YOKOHAMA Best Kickstarter Ever

You have probably been a TMG email subscriber forever, but if you haven’t, then it might be prudent to say that TMG runs many Kickstarter projects. In fact this is our 25th successfully funding project, and it will be the best ever. As of my writing this on July 4th, there are 3,040 Backers pledging $219,160 with 11 days left on the project. So, the important thing for you, is why this Kickstarter project is so well loved by Backers.

#1 – It’s A Limited Availbility Deluxe Edition

This is in the same style as Orléans: Deluxe was done. This means that TMG is taking no profit (in fact any further stretch goals will put us over the deluxification premium) on the additional materials for the deluxe edition. If we were to make this for retail sale, then the price would need to be at least $120, but probably more like $150.

The physical materials are that expensive, which is why other than via Kickstarter (and some extras for convention sales) this will not be available.

#2 – Wooden Resources, Metal Coins, Etc

Have you ever been disappointed by how much stuff comes in a euro game that is filled with wooden pieces? That is because the wood is expensive, and then to justify the price it is put into a large box filled with air. Well YOKOHAMA will be in a large box and filled with lots of stuff.

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#3 – Game Reviewers Love it

Feel free to go to the Kickstarter project and check out the videos from Rahdo, Jeremy Salinas, Undead Viking (yes he works for TMG now). We have embedded their YouTube videos on the project.

#4 – Hisashi Hayashi Is Fantastic

The designer of YOKOHAMA, Hisashi Hayashi is a fantastic and awesome person. He has devoted his work to the design of games and has been doing a great job of it. He has also designed Trains, Sail to India, Patronize, String Railways, and Minerva.

And he is a super nice guy.

TMG Business Time

For the last 18 months, I (Michael Mindes) have spent a lot of time with the other folks at TMG working on our capabilities to do more wonderful things while still maintaining the awesomeness that we have built up to. Externally, this probably only looked like TMG releasing a few extra games (and/or more games that you are personally excited about).

However, on the inside we have built up many capacities, including but not limited to, our marketing capacity, printing capacity, tracking projects, bringing new games in, licensing our games for non-English languages, art design capacity, sales capabilities, sales relationships, convention attendance, maintaining proper inventory levels, and financial security. Not that we were ever on bad footing with our financial security, but today we are as good as we have ever been.

The time that I have previously foreseen for the quick growth of TMG is soon at hand. Which means that one of the critical things that I need to do to prepare is to start the interviewing, hiring, and candidate finding process.

So, stay tuned for more emails in the future…

Other Games – Guilds of London, Ponzi Scheme, Thief’s Market and more

guilds-of-londonGuilds of London has now sold out at the UK Games Expo and Origins (16 minutes for 120 copies). Additionally, all of our first printing has been sold and allocated to resellers. We will have about 200 copies at GenCon.

Guilds of London will be releasing at GenCon and to retailers at the same time. The only places that I KNOW that you can order a copy right now and have it guaranteed is through Cool Stuff and Miniature Market.

In the future there should be more places that we could guarantee inventory for, but the processes for this and the acceptance of this by our partners is very new.

Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi Scheme took last year’s BGG.con by storm. Despite only having 2 copies which could be played, it quickly became the game that everybody was talking about and trying to get to play.

The good news here is that we have received the pre-production copy and should have these in time for Christmas this year.

Thief’s Market

The previously funded Thief’s Market is finishing up its printing and should be shipping out to Backers in the next couple of weeks.



Michael Mindes, Founder & CEO
Tasty Minstrel Games

P.S. — Here is the link for the YOKOHAMA Kickstarter! Thanks for Backing!

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